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Ramp Up Your Personal Style on a Budget

personal style

Have you fallen into a personal style rut? Do you find yourself reaching for your college sweatpants and hair bands all too often? It’s easy to reach for comfort and assume that the more often it’s been washed and the longer you’ve had a certain piece, the more comfortable it’s likely to be.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether you’ve decided it’s time to ramp up the style in your casual wardrobe or professional ensembles, comfort is always possible provided you identify the best cut, style and fit. You don’t need an unlimited budget or the assistance of a personal stylist to bring out your best style. Follow these recommendations from the professional stylists to ramp up your personal style.Get some tips from

The first step is to set aside an afternoon to go through your closet and drawers. Follow the time tested rule of discarding, donating or consigning pieces that you’ve not worn in over a year.  Don’t torture yourself by hanging on to pieces that are too small under the guise that they’ll fit once you lose those last five pounds. When you do lose the weight, and you will, you’ll no longer want to wear those pieces.

personal styleConsider your anchor pieces. A well-tailored jacket and quality trousers with a clean drape or a well-fitting A-line skirt in darker, neutral colors should be the anchor pieces of your wardrobe. Prepare to invest in these pieces and they will last for years to come. One of the greatest ways to enjoy the latest styles without breaking the bank is to enjoy the huge selection of new accessories that come on the market nearly every season. Check out the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and enjoy the huge selection of well-priced accessories available from JC Penney.

Make an appointment with your stylist. If you have not changed your hairstyle since college – it’s time. Spend the extra time during the consultation to explore styles that compliment your hair type, accent your features and work with your lifestyle. You’re just getting a new hair style – you’re not naming a baby. If it’s not what you expected, it will always grow out. Head over to a reputable cosmetics counter and work with a professional cosmetologist to explore the new products and techniques that are on the market. You’ll have a whole new look just by updating your makeup routine. Best of luck to you as you ramp up your personal style!